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Human Resource Management MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

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Human Resource Management MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

‘Human Resource Management MCQs’ book with subtitle ‘Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Quiz and Tests with Answer Keys’ has 763 quiz questions with answers. HRM multiple choice questions and answers pdf on topics HRIS, HR policies, HR functions, personnel management, HR consulting, HR management system, HR systems, HR software, HR analytics, HRMS, HR strategies, strategic planning for HR certifications and competitive exams.
Chapter 1: Benefits and Services (24 MCQs) on benefits picture, flexible benefits programs, and retirement benefits.
Chapter 2: Coaching, Careers and Talent Management (203 MCQs) on career planning and management, career development, employee motivation, employee life cycle, coaching skills, performance appraisal, and talent management.
Chapter 3: Employee Testing and Selection (23 MCQs) on concepts testing, types of tests and job tests’ validation.
Chapter 4: Establishing Strategic Pay Plans (114 MCQs) on basic factors in determining salary rates, salary rates calculations, competency-based pay, equity theory, job classification, evaluation process, piecework, managerial and professional jobs and ranking method.
Chapter 5: Ethics, Justice and Fair Treatment (17 MCQs) on ethics, fairness and managing dismissals.
Chapter 6: Human Resource Planning and Recruiting (8 MCQs) on human resource planning process, forecasting and outside sources of candidates.
Chapter 7: Interviewing Candidates (12 MCQs) on types of interviews, competency based interview, situational interview, and behavioral interview.
Chapter 8: Introduction to Human Resource Management (33 MCQs) on what is HR, what is HRM, functions of HRM, high-performance work systems, HR managers role, workforce, and demographic trends.
Chapter 9: Job Analysis (22 MCQs) on basics of job analysis, methods for collecting job analysis information and writing job descriptions.
Chapter 10: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (31 MCQs) on bargaining items, impasses mediation, and strikes, labor movement and strikes.
Chapter 11: Managers Role in Strategic HRM (70 MCQs) on fundamentals of management planning, building high-performance work system, HR balanced scorecard, HR manager’s role, strategic fit, strategic human resource management tools, strategic management process and types of strategies.
Chapter 12: Managing Global Human Resources (13 MCQs) on maintaining expatriate employees and staffing global organization.
Chapter 13: Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives (48 MCQs) on employee motivation, piecework, money and motivation, rewards, recognition and incentives for managers and executives.
Chapter 14: Performance Management and Appraisal (67 MCQs) on basic concepts in performance management and appraisal, advantages of performance appraisal, performance appraisal methods, conducting appraisal interview, ranking method and techniques for performance management.
Chapter 15: Training and Developing Employees (78 MCQs) on introduction to orienting and training employees, analyzing training needs and designing program, implementing training programs and managing organizational change programs.
HR certifications questions and answers for SPHR, PHR certification, SHRM-CP for professional development and competitive exams.
Common interview questions and answers for career jobs, government jobs, entry-level jobs, teaching assistant jobs, full-time jobs, panel interview preparation, trainee jobs, part-time jobs for students and teaching jobs in colleges and universities.
HR interview questions to ask in a job interview for employment as HR director, HR manager, HR consultant, HR analyst, HR generalist, HR assistant, and HR administrator to prepare for technical interviews for job seekers to secure career opportunities.
HR career test, multiple choice questions, and answers to prepare for self-assessment tests for employment as HR director, HR analyst, HR consultant, HR assistant, HR manager, HR generalist, and HR administrator for jobs hiring.

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